Deploying application with TMSFNCWebBrowser

What must be deployed on Windows to get TMSFNCWebBrowser running smoothly?
Only WebView2Loader_x64.dll?

Is there a way to deploy a library that would not require the user to install Microsoft Edge Canary on the target PC ?



The WebView2Loader_x64.dll & WebView2Loader_x86.dll need to be copied both in System32 & SysWow64 folders. There is currently still a need to install the Microsoft Edge Canary build. We hope that Microsoft pushes out an update for the stable Microsoft Edge version so technically only the DLLs need to be copied. The minimum version is v85.0.534.0. The stable version is currently at v84, so it will happen soon.

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What is the context of this?
What about FNC here?

This is based on an older implementation for all products that have a webbrowser except for FNC, FNC uses a new technology. Also the Chromium implementation that is referred to in the article is for IDE's prior to XE8. Starting from XE8 FMX products moved to TWebBrowser. So the TTMSFMXWebBrowser (available in TMS FMX UI Pack) is capable of targetting Internet Explorer without additional requirments. Please note however that this is using older technology and will soon be replaced with Edge Chromium.

Got it.

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