Demos not working

Dear all,

I just tried to open the demos with XE4 but I always get a network error that PDOXUSRs.NET does not exist. Would it be possible to update the demos?

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The demos use the BDE, that's why you get that error. Problem is that there is no database to use that is working out of the box in Delphi XE4. Closest we can get is build a demo that uses the provided Interbase databases, but then you will need Interbase installed in your computer.

Sorry for the empty post.

Would it be possible to make demos with clientdataset or (even better) SQLite? The Sqlite driver is part of DBExpress since XE3  and it would only require the DLL - just an idea

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I've had the same problem also starting a new project with Nexus (without any kind of link to BDE component).
Starting the project, everytime I get that message also if I don't use BDE.
I solved the problem simply cleaning the code from any reference to BDE.
The unit atBdeDatabase.pas now, in my installation, is external and optional like all others db connectors and I can use it only if needed.
I tried now a new project with nexus and all work fine.

I hope this modification in future will be implemented also from TMS.

Excuse my english.

BDE dependency was removed in latest version of TMS Query Studio.