Delphi 12 libraries doesnt download at Delphi 12


For my apps that uses android version 13 i need to fix this issue.

I am using TMS Subscription Manager for libraries but when i tried to download and install new versions to delphi 12 it installs as a delphi 11.

Best Regards.

Please download the latest installer, additionally please note that Delphi 12 will not be supported in TMS FMX UI Pack. TMS FMX UI Pack was discontinued quite some time ago. Delphi 11.3 is the last supported version.

Hi Pieter,

Is TMS Scripter supported for Delphi 12?

and i have TMS All Packs will they(all the packs) have support for delphi 12?

if its when?

Thanks for reply.


TMS Scripter will support Delphi 12, The other products such as the whole FNC suite will be Delphi 12 compatible. In fact, we will generate a page with Delphi 12 support soon so you will be able to track progress.