DBGridAdv linked to TClientDataSet problem

I have a TDBAdvGrid linked to a TClientDataSet which is linked to a remote server.  I can change field values in the grid without problem except for a column that is a date.  The DBGridColumnItem editor for this field is edNormal and when editing this date field the calender pops up as expected.  When a date different from the editor's date is selected, I get an exception raised.  This exception is raised in DBAdvGrid source code in the procedure TDBAdvGrid.ExportNotification(state: TGridExportState;
  ARow: Integer); Specifically the code causing the exception is under the case selection of esExportDone.  The call to FDataLink.DataSet.GotoBookMark(FOldPosition); raises "Project GLClient.exe raised exception class EDatabaseError with message 'cdsTimeSheetDetail: Record not found'.  I am at a loss as to why editing a date field would cause this error.  Looking forward to your insight.