I have connected a DBAdvGrid to a database where a few coloumns contains int value reflekting a posistion in an array. I would like to add "dummy" coloumns displaying corresponding information in these arrays.

The result is an exception thrown in DB.pas.
Is it possible to ad "dummy" coloumns to DBAdvGrid?

It should be possible to insert columns where no FieldName is specified and thus these columns will not be databound.

Yes. no problems adding dummy columns, but as long as i put a value in those colunms an exception is thrown in DB.pas.

Seems like i have to make these dummy columns part of database-

For non DB columns, can you try to set the cell text via the event OnGetDisplText or set grid.PageMode = false.

OnGetDisplText gives the possibility to display text in dummy columns.

Thank you