DBAdvGrid empty line on empty recordset

Is it possible to avoid to have an empty line in the dbgrid when there isn't any record in the dataset ?

Did you try to set
grid.FixedRowAlways = true?

I tried both True and False but there is always an empty row when the recordset has zero records

I also tried putting FixedRows=0 but the change is ignored it comes back to 1.

I overlooked the (public) property grid.ShowBlankRow needs to be set to false.

I tried it, but it doesn't seems to work, there is always an empty row displayed.

Are you doing these settings BEFORE you activate the dataset?


How can I upload a little sample ?

To contact support directly: https://www.tmssoftware.com/site/support_mail.asp

We have retested this here using the ADOQuery demo where this setting was added in the form constructor and when using a query returning zero records, except the fixed column header row, no rows are visible in the grid.


I'm interested in the finality of this discussion.

In FormCreate

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);






but it works just when the dataset is active, the limitation is for the inheritance from the standard string grid.


I will try to make it work on my end, but that's a sad limitation :(