DBAdvGrid does not check grid's FormatType - assumes ftVCL

Could you please check that DBAdvGrid does not internally (GetFormattedCell function) check the grid's FormatType for its known columns, so it acts as if the grid had ftVCL.

Meanwhile, based on AdvGrid.pas, I changed this, but it will be lost in next update:

      case FormatType of
        ftVCL : Result := Format(fmt, [Floats[ACol, ARow]]);
        ftExcel :
              {$IFDEF DELPHIXE_LVL}
              Result := XlsFormat(Floats[ACol, ARow], fmt);


BTW, now I noticed that this function doesn't have the same integer type check that is done in AdvGrid.pas GetFormattedCell function.

I'm not sure what the reason of your question / remark is.
DBAdvGrid uses the Column's setting FormatFloat when it is defined.
What different behavior do you want and for what reason?

DBAdvGrid.pas GetFormattedCell source code does not check if the grid has FormatType = ftExcel. It doesn't have a case FormatType of clause. If I use formats like '#,##0' (assign it to the grid's column) and FormatType=ftExcel, it simply doesn't work. Outputs literally '#,##0' at the cell.

It fails when it's configured at grid's column level (TDBGridColumnItem.FloatFormat).

Ok, I understood the point now better and we'll implement an improvement for the next update.