DBAdvGrid cell text

Good afternoon to all,

in a DBAdvGrid ther's a possibility to show a custom text in a cell ?

The dataset in use is a TFDQuery with a lot of colums (120) but only 10 are displayed.

I set the grid columns via Colcount and set the columns properties via

columns[x].fieldname and so on....

In a db fileds i have the the article name, price, price1, price2, quantity.

The problem is here.

Sometime the article price is stored in price, sometime in price1 and sometime in price2 (is third part db).

So how can i do to show in only one colum the price and on columns[10] the total (pricex * quantity) ? something like ColumnCalc but on row.

I tried with HTMLTemplate with no result.

Thank's for help



I would think that using a calculated field is the best solution for this. Have you considered this?

Hi Bruno,

   i'm tring to write the rigth query in oreder to get a calculated field !