AdvDBGrid setting problem

Good morning,

i'm using an AdvDBGrid to display table data composed of only one column called NomeEvento.

The grid has the defautl seting, it's connected to a datasource and this is connetted to a table.

When run, the grid work well, the rows (just 2) are visible with the exception of the font.

All the font are non bold, even the column title at row=0.

After, in oncreate event i do




DBG1.Columns[1].Header:='Nome Evento';



DS1.DataSet:=FDB.TEvento; // even if is first line, i got the same result

The result i have is: column title is not bold and size = 8 (even if default are 12 and bold), the row data has a font not setted (the font has size = 12) and size is 8.

What i have to do in order to customize the grid ?

Thank's for reply



Can it be you have DBAdvGrid.AutoCreateColumns = true and DBAdvGrid.AutoRemoveColumns that will cause the grid to create the columns itself again when you activate the dataset?
Try to set both settings to false if you manually define the columns.

Hi Bruno,

both are false ....

There's something i miss .... it's impossible (but that is) that all the setting are skipped !!

Hardware/softweare mysteries ....

Thank's for reply


If a problem persists, please provide some sample source project with which we can reproduce this problem so we can investigate.