I am evaluating WEB Core and i need to know if i can use delphi datamodules inside web core or is it mandatory to use TWebDataModule?

Please use TWebDataModule that was designed specifically for this purpose.

I understand your answer but let me share my thoughts with you.
I use datamodules to place clientdatasets and my custom non visual components within. There are already ready and been used by several VCL or FMX projects. If i could use them as is with web core would be great. I always create them and destroy them by code.
Since i am evaluating i can not see your source to decide if i can use them somehow.
So may i ask you again if there is a way i can use them?

Thank you and forgive me for being persistent.

TDataModule imposes limitations within the TMS WEB Core framework.
For this reason we added TWebDataModule. I see unfortunately no way to avoid the limitations impose by TDataModule.