Data Modeler - More than one oracle scheme


Our main project have about 10 oracle schemes, with links between schemes. When I try to create new project from database, I must choose only 1 scheme, but in result model there are a lot of errors with links to another schemes. 
So we need opportunity to select some schemes from Oracle DB.



Can we receive some info about this request? It's technically difficult? Not high priority? Something else? Give some info, please.

What do you expect on this? A check list listing all schemas so you can choose which schemas to import from? Wouldn't it need different user name/passwords for each schema, since each Oracle schema is an "user"?

Yes, list of schemas with checkbox - it will be wonderful! :)

For exmaple, I can connect as SYSDBA, so I can get access to all schemas, so I can read info from all using schemas.