Data connection

Hi, is there any way of reading the connection details, like a DSN name,  from a xlsx file using Flexcel.Net?


Sorry about the delay answering. Currently there is no way to read the data connections in a sheet, but I was hoping we could add it for the next release today so I kept delaying the answer until I knew it was possible.

Sadly we didn't got enough time to make it and test it for this release, so currently this is not possible. But I am hoping we can add this feature in the coming weeks.

Hi Adrian,

Many thanks. Do you have an ETA when the next release will be done, and possibly have this feature added?

it will likely be mid of next month. I'll do what is possible to have it added.

Just to be sure, what exact data do you need on the connections?  Also, do you just want to read them or also would need to modify them?

All the details I can get:
DSN name and or connection string
only need to read them
Many thanks Adrian


FlexCel 6.20 was just released and it includes a new GetDataConnections method that will return all the data on all the connections in the file. There is a SetDataConnections too in case you needed to modify some.

Hi Adrian,

Many thanks
Downloading new version now.

Working like a charm sir....
Thank you very much