Custom path to TTMSFNCWebBrowser loader dlls

Hello is it possible to add a function where you can set the path of the dlls for the TTMSFNCWebBrowser?

I already did that on my local version, but that code will be broken each time I update the source code.

Thanks Nas,


There is currently no way to do this. We'll investigate if this is possible as the loading happens in the initialization section.

Thank you very much, I will be waiting for your response, this is for windows platform.

I would like to not touch the system32 dir at all on a client computer.


Hi, we have added a global path variable EdgeDLLPath that can be overriden.
Please note that you'll have to override this in the initialization section of the form.

  EdgeDLLPath := 'PATH TO DLLs';

Thank you very much,

will this be in the next version? and when that will be. I already done something like this on my local version.

if you could give a time frame so I can plan the refactor to cope with your changes.


We released an update yesterday, so there are currently no plans to release updates on short term. We try to release updates on a 2 to 3 week basis, but this could be longer as well.

Thank you,

I will make a note of this on my board.

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