I'm not able to change the cursor while over the map. Below is what I originally expected I needed (have tried various other things as well) but nothing I try works. Basically I have a Boolean (AddingMarker) to determine if the user has chosen to add a marker to the map. Then when they enter the map I set the map to draggable or not based on whether they are adding a marker. I'd like the cursor to be a cross instead of an arrow for them to mark where they want the marker to be placed. The only two cursors that appear over the map are the hand if draggable and the arrow if not draggable.

procedure TMainForm.WebGMapsMapMouseEnter(Sender: TObject; Latitude,

Longitude: Double; X, Y: Integer);


// toggle map draggable based on whether adding marker or not

WebGMaps.MapOptions.Draggable := Not AddingMarker;

// change cursor to a cross

WebGMaps.Cursor := crCross;



This behavior is by design. 
The cursor appearance above the map is determined by the Google maps service and not the WebGMaps control. This behavior is similar to that of a TWebBrowser control where the cursor appearance is determined by the web page that is displayed.
We'll have to investigate if this behavior can be improved in a future version.