changing map cursor

is it possible to change the cursor when moving over a draggable map?
i'm searching for the "draggableCursor" MapOption, which is described here:
but i can't find it in WebGMaps1.MapOptions...

changing the value of WebGMaps1.Cursor has no effect at all. it seems like this property ignored.

thank you


Unfortunately changing the cursor is currently not supported.
However, this is a good suggestion and we'll consider adding this feature in a future version.

thank you ... it would be very nice to have this feature!

just curious: how can the cursor-property of TWebGMaps be used? changing it seems to have no effect.

Please note that the Cursor property can not be used at this time.
This is the default Cursor property for VCL controls, however the Google Maps API overrides this setting with the default Google Maps cursor.