Current VclUIPack v13.0.6 in Smart Setup?

In Smart Setup the last one is v13.0.4?

No, sorry, we had to release this to address issues of several users but we did not have the time to complete this for smart setup as well.
For now, please keep using the classic installer if you want to use the latest version.

OK, today you released another version 13.0.07. So we’re moving forward. Could some of the remaining issues be addressed?
It is very frustrating to repeatedly trigger the ‘update’ function for the ‘Smart Setup’ product, knowing that the same error will occur again (X times unnecessarily):
[22:59:45] - Delphi 10.2 Tokyo -> FAILED.
[22:59:45] - win32intel -> FAILED.
[22:59:45] - win64intel -> FAILED.
I have clearly indicated where the issue lies.
As long as there is an effort towards flawless functioning of ‘Smart Setup,’ we are only halfway there.
If you are interested in user assistance, you can achieve it with minimal costs. I understand that you have a lot on your plate. Therefore, I have personally worked on precisely identifying the error.
Please fix it. When I fix it myself, with your new edition, my effort will be negated.
Take responsibility. I don’t seek personal benefit from you. I need you to be trustworthy. Of course, I wish you the best of luck.
Furthermore, the promised sample example in the context of the post ‘TAdvFrameView demo or a simple code’ has been added.?

Again, as with the other post, please attach the log file, so we can inspect what is going wrong. The log file from TMS Smart Setup is zipped and contains all information we need.