Creating a TWebLinkLabel at runtime generates a div

When I put a TWebLinkLabel on the form and set its elementid and elementfont correctly it binds to html element fine. (Marked with Yellow in the image)
But when create TWebLinkLabel at runtime and set its properties same as above plus its Parent it generates a different element structure. (marked blue)
Thanks in advance,

This is my code:

      linkFranchise := TWebLinkLabel.Create('linkFranchise0');
      linkFranchise.ElementFont := efCSS;
      linkFranchise.Parent := divFranchiseMenu;

Solved. Since the binding dom elements were not in the html template, they needed to be created as well. In the above example I added them manualy to template. But with below code dom elements are created during runtime.

      for I := 0 to Length(FranchiseArray) -1 do
        ElmID := 'linkFranchise' + IntToStr(I);
        linkFranchiseElm := document.createElement('a');
        linkFranchiseElm.setAttribute('class', 'dropdown-item');
        linkFranchiseElm.setAttribute('id', ElmID);
        linkFranchiseElm.setAttribute('href', '#');
        linkFranchiseElm.setAttribute('franchise-id', IntToStr(FranchiseArray[I].Id));
        linkFranchiseElm.innerHTML := FranchiseArray[I].Name;        
        linkFranchise := TWebLinkLabel.Create(Self);
        linkFranchise.ElementFont := efCSS;
        linkFranchise.ElementID := ElmID;