Could not initialize Edge Cromium

Just installed FNC Maps, when trying to activate Map Object, the following error is displayed.
"Could not initialize Edge Cromium. Please check if webview2loader_x86.dll is correctly distributed and accessible"
How do I include webview2loader_x86.dll in Project?

WebView2Loader_x86.dll is included in the Edge Support folder, available in the installation folder. You can copy the dll in the System32 / SysWow64 folder, or in the application directory.

Got it, thanks!

I installed the Webview2loader Runtimes to all possible folders
I Still get the same error.
Anything else I can do?

Did you copy both DLLs to System32 & SysWow64? Note that SysWow64 is the 32 bit folder on a 64 bit operating system. I know, it is confusing, but that's Microsoft...

Yes, got it.
It is working now!
Thanks you!

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