copy file to remote server


Just need to copy an image: 'image1.jpg'

FROM: c:\images directory on a local machine

TO: 'c:\images' directory on a remote Windows Server 2012 machine . ( eg. )

Is this possible ?

Are there any TMS components or techniques to achive this?

Thank you


Perhaps you could use TWebCopy for this? It includes regular file transfers across Windows networks. 

Hi Bruno

Yes that looks like it will do the job.

I need to copy from local folder to remote folder;  webcopy appears to allow this.
Can you confirm this?

I tried the TMS demo for webcopy .. but it does not appear to work.

Perhaps the files are missing from your server. !

Not sure.!

Anyhow they dont appear in my local folder when I run the program.



I cannot see a problem here.
This was retested with following code:

  wci: TWebCopyItem;
  wci := webcopy1.Items.Add;
  wci.Protocol := wpFile;
  wci.URL := 'e:\tms\temp\IMG_7194.PNG';
  wci.TargetDir := '\tmsdisk\tms\bruno';

and this was properly copied to the network drive in the correct folder.

Hi Bruno

Thank you for your response.

It clearly works in your example.

I checked the documenentation but there is no example to illustrate what I want to do.
I have tried but, I am not so familiar with the syntax of making it work for the below example.

 c:\images  (local machine)

'c:\images'  (REMOTE Windows Server 2012 machine) . ( eg. )
1. In particular is there need for password and port no to access the windows remote server ?
2. Does the directory or folder on the server need to shared ?
2. What is the correct syntax to make the above example work.
(url: servername, portno,  username, password etc... etc..)



I have no idea how your server is configured. 

How can you access this server folder Images from Windows Explorer for example?

Hi Bruno

My server is normally accessed using a windows "Remote Desktop Connection"
Which asks for a user name and password. I then have full access to the server.

But I just wanted to establish the construction / syntax of the URL in my case/example.
eg the ip address/server name etc.



Well, your server will somehow have to be setup to allow putting files on it. Either there will have to be a folder shared with write permissions, an FTP server or HTTP upload handling. If this server is only setup to have RDP, I don't know of a way you can put files on it.