TWebCopy problem

Dear friends:

I'm using TWebCopy v2.1.0.0, in Embarcadero C++Builder 2010. 

I'm just trying to copy a file located at a URL to the local computer. The code is:

TWebCopyItem *wci;
wci->URL = "a valid URL";
wci->TargetDir= ExtractFilePath(Application->ExeName) ;

catch (...)

When I'm run the application I get the message:

Project Project1.exe raised exception class Exception with message 'Cannot open AVI'.

after that the program successfully get the local copy of the remote file. 

Is there any way for avoiding that message?

I run the Debug and the Release versions of the application, and the message is still there...

Many thanks in advance; any help would be welcome!


Can you make sure WebCopy.RES is linked with your app?

Make sure your library AND include path point to the folder where WebCopy sources are located.

Dear Bruno, many thanks for your valuable help!. Now it runs fine.
Is there any document like an user-guide or user-reference for this component?
Many thanks again!

There are some code snippets at

as well as a sample that is included in the registered version distribution.

Dear Nancy, I had seen those examples, in fact I learned to use the Control TWebCopy reading them, and the example included in the source code, but I wish we had something better, like the user guide for AdvStringGrid... many thanks for your reply!
Kind regards,

That might come available in the future, we continue to extend our documentation offerings as workload allows.

Many thanks.
Kind regards.