Copy and paste does not preserve object modifications

Hello - When I place a "block" on my diagram - it is an initial size. (ok so far)

I modify it by making it wider in the drawing -
then if I copy and paste it - I get a new object of
the original size - not the modified size.

How should I fix this ?

Can you please send exact code and steps to reproduce the issue?
I can't simply reproduce the issue, if you run DiagramDemo.dproj demo, for example, you can resize, move, copy and paste and everything works fine.

Hello - it was a partially self inflicted wound......
BUT - I am still having issues with the corner radius "ABlock->CornerRadius = 50;"
not being preserved.
I am using atDiagram1InsertBlock(TObject *Sender, TCustomDiagramBlock *ABlock)
to make modifications to the block - when it is new
And when I save the diagram to disk - and then restore it.
The round corners become square.
It also does it on cut and paste.

Jim Sullivan

Again, please send steps to reproduce. Cannot reproduce it here.