Convert WebCore to Electron?

Is it possible to easily convert a WebCore app to an Electron / Melitus app?

There is not an automatic way.
The easiest way is to create a new Electron or Miletus project and just add all form files and other units from an existing web application to the Electron project.

Ok, thanks. First I need to figure out why the option to create Miletus apps isn't showing up for me. I see Miletus units in the source area...

Please make sure you have the latest release v1.8.5.0 installed.
See IDE Help, About TMS WEB Core

well, I uninstalled and re-installed it from the subscription manager, but the Help -- About says it's What's the problem?

That's odd ... I uninstalled and this time deleted the two folders, then re-installed. It went through the same extraction and build process it always does, but now it shows Weird.