Connect Web Core App to XData Web Service

I'm new to web programming so hopefully there is something obvious I'm missing.  I was working through chapters 4, 5 and 6 of Holger Flick's Hand on with Delphi book.  Chapters 4 and 5 went fine.  I created an Xdata web service pointing to one of our Oracle databases and was able to make various changes and query through the browser both inside and outside the firewall.

I took the sample application for chapter 6 that is a basic web core application that points to the data service, opens a connection and queries the service.  I changed the url on the connection component to point to the service I created and tested the connection and it connects fine at design time.  However, when I run the application the connection fails.

Is there some security setting or setup that I may have missed?

Did you look at the browser console to see specifics of the possible error(s)?

Yes, it tells me exactly what the problem is.  I will get the network guy to fix it.  This is awesome.  I will definitely remember to look there in the future.

Turned out to not be a network security issue but rather I had to add CORS support to the XData server.