Component-based approach

I'm looking at developing an approach to WebCore development that is more component-based and kind of thinking out loud here. I'm aiming to get a more HTML/CSS-first approach so I'd build my main app using HTML/CSS and then plug in FNC components using the Ids. The aim is to avoid a single large JS file and get more control over the composition of the app. I generally define my UIs in code so have a bit of flexibility.

Ideally I'd like to be able to define a minimal JS file for the runtime and corresponding JS files for any components I define. It would be a bit like the popular WebComponents approach. As a first pass I could try dumping the components I use into a skeleton project with ElementPosition = epIgnore and generate a runtime JS file, but that wouldn't separate the component JS from the runtime JS.

In other words, it would be nice to be able to define a type of WebComponent using WebCore. Hope this makes sense!

Cheers, Bob

At this moment, the TMS WEB Core approach is not this way that it generates what is considered a WebComponent.
TMS WEB Core allows to build a single JS file or a JS file per unit. This way, for components, these would typically come via separate JS file(s).
You can select this option to generate separate JS files by setting "Single JS file" to false.

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