Compobox shows strings and stores integer

Hello all,

i have a DBAdvGrid. In Columns Editor i select a Field and set Editor=edComboList

in ComboItems i set the value:




But how can store in the database integers

1 for Germany

2 for Paris

3 for London

regards, Kostas

Please have a look at the demo ADOLookup in the DBAdvGrid demos folder that shows exactly this.
Bruno Fierens2014-09-23 15:58:27

Thanks for quick answer.

This example goes to the principle LookUpDataSet.

I need however a static list and set this at designtime.

Do they have an idea?

If you have no lookup field, the technique from this article could apply: 

i created an example which uses TFormControlEditLink and TAdvDBComboBox. It shows almost exactly what i need. Sadly i can't upload this example here. Please contact me and i send it to you by E-Mail.

You can contact us by email: