compiler error in tms webcore when using japanese language.

I get a compilation error, when I use the japanese as vairable (or constant) as follows;

japanese : string;
japanese := '"条文"'; // <-- Japanese text, enclosed in double quotes
The compiler error is as follows;
[致命的エラー(faital error)] source map must be a JSON object

I found I can avoid this error by doing as follows:
japanese : string;
japanese := '条文'; // Japanese text , not enclosed in double quotes

(Or, When I use release mode, not debug mode, there is no error. Because no map file is created.)

Please tell me how to assign a Japanese string enclosed in double quotation marks to a variable (or constant).

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Do you use the latest version of TMS WEB Core?
I retested this here but I could not see any issue:

As you can see, in the browser console it shows all .pas file references, so the map file was loaded correct.

Thank you for your reply.

Today I update the version of TMS Web Core to v2.5.4.0.
But , the compiler error message did not go away.

However, I noticed that I could run the compiled program even though I got the error message, and when I checked the source code in the developer tools of the Chrome browser, the Japanese language was set correctly.

The only problem is the error message below, and I have determined that it does not affect practical use.

I retested but also that, I could not see:

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