Compilation problem e.g. WebCoreDemos\FNC\ListBox


I have a problem when I try compile any of WebCore FNC demos.

The error is:

[Error] WEBLib.TMSFNCUtils.pas(2746): identifier not found "ExtractFileExt"
identifier not found "ExtractFileExt"
[Fatal Error] identifier not found "ExtractFileExt"

And I have many errors on my Delphi IDE in Structure Panel:

What's wrong?


Please use TMS WEB Core v1.2

Ok ... thx for your aswer but TMS WEB Core v1.2 is beta version ... do you know when this version will be available in released production version in TMS Subscription Manager?


We do not yet have an exact release date yet, we are working very hard on finishing it hopefully early May.
With respect to v1.2 feature set, it is the new functionality that can be considered beta level, the already existing functionality is considered stable (and improved) in the current v1.2 beta.

Ok thx for your answer ... and I hope that v1.2 will be released early May.