Cloud Demo - Force Logout

I see that someone mentioned this a little while ago, but I can't make it work

Using the CloudStorage demo (In this case Google), when I Disconnect, I want to log out completely, so that when I Connect again I am forced to re-enter my username and password.

If I clear the Tokens it just asks for Authorization and not a re-login. I added the first line in the DoDisconnect, but this makes no difference.

procedure TForm4.DoDisconnect;


Storage.Logout; //Added this but to no avail

if clrAccess.Checked then


Authenticated := false;


Any clues?

Storage.Logout calls this:

procedure TCloudBase.Logout;


//defined descendant class


So not a lot of functionality here.

Any suggestions as to what we have to do to log out?


Each storage API service has a specific logout call, so simply using Storage.Logout will not work.
Example for SkyDrive:

Please note that Logout is currently not implemented for Google Drive.
This will however be available with the next update of the TMS Cloud Pack.
As a workaround you can use the following code:

OK, that seems to be a fix.

How about DropBox?

Is there a fix for that as well?

So far, we haven't found Dropbox offers an API to force this. We'll keep investigating this.

This seems to work:

   AdvDropBox1.HttpsGet ('');

Got this from the DropBox forums.


Thank you for your suggestion.
We'll considder adding this to TAdvDropBox in the next version.