Clearing multi dates selected

Hi and thanks for the help in advanced

This is something that I havent been able to accomplish.

I searched on the net, however all I can find something but the code is for C#, but it does not apply to Delphi language been C# and Delphi languages so close alike in syntax.

I have a TadvSmoothMonthCalendar set as multiSelect (Multiple dates selected ) as True.

My question is
How can I in code, Clear all the multiple dates that I have selected in my Calendar. For example when clicking on a button it will clear all the dates I have selected.

I have tried

 MyCalendar.MultiSelect := False;
 MyCalendar.MultiSelect := True; 

No Luck



Setting MultiSelect to false does not automatically de-select all selected dates.

You also need to set StartDate and EndDate to -1:

  AdvSmoothCalendar1.MultiSelect := False;
  AdvSmoothCalendar1.StartDate := -1;
  AdvSmoothCalendar1.EndDate := -1;
  AdvSmoothCalendar1.SelectedDate := -1;

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Hi and thanks for the response and help.

The above solution did not worked well for some reason, however base on your help this is what I did which works as expected, and hopefully could benefit others.

AdvSmoothCalendar1.MultiSelect := False;

  AdvSmoothCalendar1.StartDate :=  Today;
  AdvSmoothCalendar1.EndDate := Today;

AdvSmoothCalendar1.MultiSelect := True;

The above solution works well and does not travels the calendar to Today's date if the user is viewing an Old Month or a future Month. It will simple clear the multi-selected dates

Thank you so much

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