Autoclose a TTMSFMXCalendarPicker

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How can I "autoclose" a TTMSFMXCalendarPicker when the user double clicks on it? I don't find such a property.
I affected a method to myCalendarpicker.calendar.onDoubleCLick but it's never fired.  I tried to set myCalendarPicker.calendar.visible:=false in the OnChange event, but after that, it has a strange behaviour: the event is triggered when mouse hovers the calendar, without need to click.
Is there a "clean" way to achieve this?

I would also an answer about this.

The Calendar supports multi-select and therefore does not automatically close when selecting days. There is no difference with single-day selection. We have already added this on our todolist for investigation but currently, there is no easy way to close the calendar automatically. 

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