Changing the TAd DualListBox colors deletes the items.

When modifying the colors of a TAd DualListBox, the left and right items are deleted.

This program demonstrates this problem: (94.5 KB)

I'm using version of the TMS VCL UI Pack in Delphi 11.3.

Please initialize the lists correct, i.e.:

    AdvDualListBox1.ListLeft.Items.Add('Item 1');
    AdvDualListBox1.ListLeft.Items.Add('Item 2');
    AdvDualListBox1.ListLeft.Items.Add('Item 3');
    AdvDualListBox1.ListRight.Items.Add('Item A');
    AdvDualListBox1.ListRight.Items.Add('Item B');
    AdvDualListBox1.ListRight.Items.Add('Item C');


I didn't realize there were two types of declarations for lists.