Change Miletus App Icon at runtme, other window options

I'm wondering if I can change the top-left Miletus app icon (for the main window) at runtime? I can change the caption from within the Miletus app using something like the Delphi Form1.Caption property, which is also accessible from JavaScript. But I don't know how to do that for the icon?

Also, can I change any other window attributes at runtime? Like the window position, width, or height? Ideally a "maximize" and "minimize" feature would be good. But maybe it is already there?

Update: I see Form1.WindowState works at runtime :+1:


You cannot do this currently. We'll need to take a look, but it would only really apply to Windows. macOS doesn't have icons per window and Linux is depending on the windowing system.

WindowState, Width and Height should work. Let us know if they don't.