cell combodropdown issues

I just upgraded to Version of of the AdvStringGrid.  The behavior of the incell combodropdown component, which I use frequently, is now erratic.  For example, with example ASG5 if I change the ControlLook property DropDownAlwaysVisible to true the cell dropdown editor no longer works.

When I try to load a project where I use the combodropdown components for user input I now get the message "Error reading lbxPickTask.Parent: Property Parent does not exist. Ignore or continue? ...".  After clicking Ignore and compiling I now have problems with combodropdown components.  I uploaded gifs of the error message, what the grid is supposed to look like (from a backup of the project) and what it looks like now when a cell combodropdown is activated.  Not only is the appearance an issue but the actions that are supposed to occur when the OnComboChange event is triggered do not happen, as in the ASG5 example above.

The gifs can be downloaded using this link: https://app.box.com/s/b89it6cnszpz87ew7q9r

Thanks for your assistance. Paul - dazed and confused as always.

The just released version of AdvStringGrid ( did not have any changes affecting the combodropdown feature, but did update Example ASG5.  The old version of ASG5 specified the editor type and populated the dropdown list for each column using the GetEdtiorType event.  I did the same in my projects and the ComboDropDowns worked as intended until I upgraded to AdvStringGrid several weeks ago to

The new version of AGS5 populates the dropdown list using the GetEditorProp event,  When ControlLook.DropDownAlwaysVisible is set to True the combodropdown are both visible at startup and work as expected.  I made similar changes in my two projects and now the combodropdowns are working as they did before I upgraded to

It is recommended to use OnGetEditorProp to load the values of the combobox inplace editor. I rechecked demo 5 of TAdvStringGrid here and I didn't notice any undesired behavior.