Cannot install package because of 'AdvGDIP'

I am trying to install TMS HTML Controls Pack and when I click Install I get the message it cannot lod the package because another package already contains AdvGDIP.

How do I install the package so I don't have to uninstall the other.

Information about installing TMS Components with
shared units can be found here:

Wrong. After creating a TMSCommon, now I am getting 'Never-build package 'TMSCommon' must be recompiled'.

Is the TMSCommon package in your library path?

Yep, it is put in the default C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\18.0\Bpl which is in the Library Path. If it were not I would have found out a long, long time ago with other packages (including our own).

Please check the build control settings of the TMSCommon package versus the other packages that depend on it. You can find the build control settings under package Options, Description, Build control. We recommend to set both TMSCommon & depending packages to "Rebuild as needed".