Can I implement single sign-on for Facebook


Can I implement single sign-on for Facebook using TMS Cloud Pack?


If you did a login once on Facebook and persist the obtained access token, you can use the service without a new sign-on.

You mean, if I did login in native ios Facebook app?

More explanation for you about Single Sign-on. 

Its mean, that if I before loggedin in native ios Facebook app - I dont need login once more time in my own app, which uses Favebook TMS Cloud component. And my question - does you component supports Single Sign-in? If I login ONLY using my app and TMS Cloud Pack component - you are right? - I use the same tolken, because your component use Web Browser authentication model. But it doesnt my question. I hope, now its more clear for you?

No, this iOS single sign-on is currently not supported.

Now its clear. Thanks.