Hi Wagner,

Hope you are well there.  

I have a question about the JSON format for Aurelius entities and XData.
In the manual 

it speaks about how you can change the format of the generated JSON  using attributes.  However, that appears to be only for plain objects not entities.  Is that correct, am I missing something?  I was wanting to use  [JsonNamingStrategy(TCamelCaseNamingStrategy)] to have camel case property names.



Hi Steve, all is fine here, thank you. Hope you are ok as well.

Yes, that's correct. XData entities follow the names in the classes.
But you can modify the names in the model itself from code, at runtime.  For example:

      .FindProperty('Name').Name := 'artistName';

How to modify the names for the class itself, instead of a property ?

So that a class TMyClass can be requested with

GET /MyChangedClass

instead of 

GET /MyClass


You can simply add UriPath attribute to the class:

  TMyClass = class

Thanks !!

If it's impossible to add support for JsonNamingStrategy for Entities,
since we have the [Column('name')] attribute for Entities, it would be convenient to add at least the ability to re-use specified column name as field name for xdata.