Automapping updates


In this video properties are generated which is very nice. Problem is that the fieldnames are all upper case.  That's not that great.  Is it possible when created its like the property name? 

Related with this:

MemberControlId is mapped to MEMBER_CONTROL_ID which kind of is not the intention. It will also cause confusion when I'm using linq queries. Its not consistent with the properties.

That's the Automapping convention. Pascal properties in camel case are converted to database names using uppercase and separated by underlines. So FirstName will become FIRST_NAME. 

If you want define your own name, just use the [Column] property to specify the name you want.
Yes I know about the [Column] attribute.  I just don't want to do this. Pardon my language but its quite annoying and ugly.
The Column attribute should be used when needed in special mapping cases. Not all the time.

Can I override it somehow? or a setting like 'char(1) for bit fields' ?   

You can't override it for now, sorry. You would have to define the column name using [Column] attribute.

Regarding char(1), what database are you using? You want to use char(1) types for boolean fields?

Ok, I hope you can add it a as a feature request.

I'm using MS SQL server. The boolean field was an example on how to override things. I like that. 
A default boolean as a char field was a bit surprising though.