Call stack for TMS scripter

I was trying to create a complex form in TMS scripter with multiple events (onChange) and find out that debugging is very painful without the ability to see Call Stack of TMS scripter routines.

I looked into atScript sources - and didn"t find anything that will allow to implement that easily without modifying the code of atScript.

I"ll try to make request in the form of user story:

User story:
As a user of Tms scripter library I would like to be able to get Call Stack (similar to Delphi call stack -> Ctrl+Alt+S) of routines declared in TMS script during debug of TMS scripts.

Acceptance criteria:
As a user of TMS scripter library I can view the call stack anytime while I"m debugging TMS scripts via breakpoints. It can be new dialog in the TMS IDE, or the Delphi method that will allow to get contents of TMS call stack in the form of:

  • TMS script unit name, TMS script subroutine name, TMS script line number