C++ Builder 10 Seattle AV on OSX

Hi, this must be a very simple setup question.
I have a one-page fmx app that works fine on window, android and OSX. As soon as I add a TMSFMXEdit to the form, then I got AV on OSX. The weird thing is it worked ok on windows and Android. I didn't change anything when I switched target platforms, I guess there must be some setting problems. My default tms install path is not the default one. I just made it on c:\tms. I added this path "c:\tms\TMS Pack for FireMonkey\Builder10Seattle" to my application include path. But that doesn't fix the problem.
Can anyone help or give me a hint where I should go?
Thanks in advance!

Can you try by turning off runtime packages?

Yes, that solves the problem. I will remember that. It seems that a lot of tms components behave the same way. When they are used in cross-platform application, I have to turn off runtime packages.