You developed over the years many powerfull business-components like scripter, workflow, diagramm-studio...
We are transfering any project to Firemonkey and are badly missing the oportunity to use these powerfull components.
Are there plans to migrate these tools to FMX or FNC?

TMS Diagram Studio is VCL only but there is now TMS FNC Blox which is a cross-platform solution for diagramming:

TMS Scripter is already cross-platform with the scripting engine, and it also can run FNX forms. However, the IDE and its visual components (form designer, object inspector) are VCL-only and there are no short-term plans to migrate them to FMX.

TMS Workflow Studio is VCL-only and there are no plans whatsoever to migrate it to FMX. We're working on an initial project that is a complete rewrite of the BPM engine to be cross-platform and server enabled, the (very) initial stage is available here:

Two questions on the subject of VCL DIagram and FNC Blox:

Does FNC Blox have all the capabilities of DIagram?  If not, are there plans to get there?

Can Diagram be used with Web Core?  I don't think so, but wasn't sure.


TMS FNC Blox can be used with TMS WEB Core.

Diagram Studio is a 100% VCL product and cannot be used in TMS WEB Core.
There are a lot of similarities between TMS FNC Blox and TMS Diagram Studio but products do not have feature parity nor file compatibility. TMS FNC Blox was created & designed from the ground up for cross-platform, including web support and therefore several changes were needed to achieve this.