Bug in AfterItemMove in TTMSFNCPlanner?

I just discovered a weired behaviour when moving an Item in the TTMSFNCPlanner.

When I move the item around and press shift and ctrl key and let go the ctrl key the AfterMoveItem event is triggered.
I save the changes in a database after moving an Item in this event. I have Ctrl and Shift key to be pressed or not for different behavior when moving around an Item. So when I use both keys and then let go the Ctrl key to just have the behavior of the Shift key, it triggers the AfterMoveItem event and it will save to the database.
I made a workaround by checking if the left mouse button is still pressed and if yes, I do nothing and just wait for the event get triggered again when let go the mouse button.
Now I am asking myself, if that behavior is a bug or it has any purpose.


We have investigated this here and have applied a fix for this issue. The next version will address this.

Thank you. Sounds great.