Bug and Hints latest version

In FMX.TMSCustomGrid the following lines on 3154

  FFilterPopup.PlacementRectangle.Right := pt.X + FFilterPopup.Width;
  FFilterPopup.PlacementRectangle.Bottom := pt.Y + FFilterPopup.Height;

They use the FFilterPopup.Width and Height.
But they are initialized 8 lines down.
These lines must move upwards before the values are used.
I made the change locally here for now.

I like to have my compiles without warnings or hints, so I can see right away if something may be wrong.
I get the following hints with the latest sources
[dcc32 Hint] FMX.UXlsHyperLink.pas(188): H2077 Value assigned to 'TmpData' never used
[dcc32 Hint] FMX.TMSMemo.pas(8826): H2443 Inline function 'TValue.AsVariant' has not been expanded because unit 'System.Rtti' is not specified in USES list
[dcc32 Hint] FMX.TMSMemo.pas(785): H2219 Private symbol 'UpdateBounds' declared but never used