Browser zoom setting causes application to hang when adding records to TWebDBGrid.

WebCore 1.7 and chrome browser. There is a TWebDBGrid on the form. We are adding records to the dataset. Records show up in the grid. When the browser zoom is set to 90% after adding a few records when the grid is filled and adding a new record should brig the scroll bar on the grid application hangs.
If the zoom set to 100 percent everything is working fine and we can continue to add records.

Retested with v1.9 and cannot be reproduced.

Try to set the grid option goHorizLine to FALSE;
Changing it to TRUE fixed the issue for me.

I cannot reproduce this with v1.9
I suggest you test it first with v1.9

It is now with 1.9. Sorry, forgot to mention that.
We upgraded to 1.9 and were having the same problem until set the goHorizLine = TRUE;

We cannot reproduce this.
Isolate this and send a sample source project to allow us to reproduce this.