Borderline in TMSFNCRibbonCaption

Greetings, I have encountered a very small issue - TMSFNCRibbonCaption for VCL still displays small white rectangle around and I cannot find out how to remove it:


DFM part is here:

object TMSFNCRibbon1Caption: TTMSFNCRibbonCaption
Left = 504
Top = 1
Width = 88
Height = 28
BevelInner = bvNone
BevelKind = bkNone
BevelOuter = bvNone
ParentDoubleBuffered = False
DoubleBuffered = True
Font.Color = clWhite
Font.Height = -11
Font.Name = 'Segoe UI'
Font.Style = []
ParentColor = True
TabOrder = 3
AutoSizeSpacing = 4.000000000000000000
Trimming = gttCharacter
Stroke.Kind = gskNone
Stroke.Color = -1
Text = 'Firemn'#237' agenda'

Thank you for any advice.

The default caption does not have the DoubleBuffered property set. Please make sure to leave the properties default.

TMSFNCRibbonCaption1.ParentDoubleBuffered := True;
TMSFNCRibbonCaption1.DoubleBuffered := False;

Unfortunately, it still does not work. It's strange that the problem persists even when I copy RibbonCaption from demo project (where the white line does not appear whatsoever) and paste it into my project.

Please let me ask one more question regarding TMSFNCRibbon. It's a great component and I appreciate especially its HighDPI awareness and option for using SVG images - it's a huge saving on my time, thanks for a great job.

To my question: I'm in a process of replacing obsolete and non-HighDPI Microsoft Ribbon components with TMSFNCRibbon. Because concerned user guide is quite concise, I'd like to ask you for the recommendation of the best practices for implementation MS Ribbon's Application menu in TMSFNCRibbon.

I mean this replacing of this control:


Thank you!


We currently don't have an exact ribbon drop-down application menu, but we do have a variety of components available in TMS FNC UI Pack:


and for displaying the controls as a popup: TTMSFNCPopup.