Best Mobile list editing component

I want to have a list, connected to a dataset that can do the following:
  1. Display text items in a list - the text should not be editable
  2. For each text item there should be two check boxes that can be toggled on or off independently
  3. Changing a checkbox value should update the relevant field (and record) in the dataset
  4. It should be easy to check and uncheck by tapping a checkbox
  5. It should scroll like a TListView
  6. Ideally, the look and feel should be customisable
I have tried a number of controls, but I can't quite get there.  Before I waste more time, does anyone know what control(s) can do this?

P.S. The closest I got was a TTMSFMXLiveGrid.  Problems:
  • scrolling is wrong/broken for touch
  • The check boxes are incredibly hard to check or uncheck - it seems to require a very accurate tap.
  • The check boxes are ALWAYS left aligned (no option to change), cannot be resized or skinned (so far as I can tell)
  • The text doesn't change size, even though I change font settings all over the place.
I tried the rating grid, but it doesn't seem to be able to work with live bindings (like normal grids do), and it appears that even if I were to work with it unbound, adding more items just changes the vertical distance between items, it doesn't make a scrollbar appear if necessary.


the TTMSFMXLiveGrid has an option to enable touchscrolling. The checkboxes can be aligned by implementing the OnGetCellProperties and converting the cell to a TTMSFMXCheckedGridCell. The font can be changed with the OnGetCellLayout event.

There are currently no alternatives, except for the TTMSFNCGrid, which actually does the same as the TTMSFMXLiveGrid, but with more performance.
Thanks for the tip.  It didn't occur to me to look under Mouse.  I thought it would be either in the base control, or under Scrollbar.  Also, why it defaults to 0.1 touch scrolling scale is beyond me.

I wasn't aware that the FNC controls performed better.  I have both, but opted for FMX controls to keep the file size down.  Perhaps I should swap them all out.

I have found that scaling the control works really well.  Both the font and the check boxes are much larger and easier to use.  It's still not 100% with the taps, but it is much better.

Thank you for the confirmation. The TMS FMX UI Pack controls are designed with maximum flexibility. Unfortunately the performance is low on mobile devices. With the TMS FNC UI Pack, the performance is better, but the flexibility is lower when compared to the TMS FMX UI Pack. It depends on how much of the flexibility you need, but according to your posts I assume you can do the same things in the TMS FNC UI Pack.