Azure Translator API

Hi + tx for any info. 

I used to access the MS translator API via their BING service. This is oudated now and I am supposed to use

I wonder, if the cloud pack is of help here.

tx in advance

At this moment we do not have a component that wraps this service.
We'll consider this for a future update of the TMS Cloud Packs.

Tx for your answer. I thought that something out of the cloud pack could be of use.

At least it comes to some HTTP Get and Post:

tx Bernd

We'll need to study this in detail, but at first sight, you should be able to descend a class from the TCloudBase class that is in TMS Cloud Pack and this class exposes the HTTP get & post methods that can be used to access this API. That will require some work though.
As I mentioned, we'll study & consider creating the wrapper class for it and when feasible include it in a future update of the TMS Cloud Pack.

I see. Tx.