Awake word to Start WebSpeechRecognition

Hi TMS friends. I'm enjoying working with the new WebSpeechRecognition component, but I wonder if there is a way to create an "Awake word" (aka "Alexa") to make the component start listening.
Reading the user guide, I can see that there are four available procedures: Start, Abort, Pause, and Resume. The "Pause" procedure states that "Stops listening but speech recognition and mic are still enabled". I created a command to call this procedure, but it didn't work. Is there a workaround? All the best from Brazil!

At this moment, there is no such feature built-in. You could add a command that serves as awake word and from there control at application level to accept incoming text after the command word was spoken?

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Thank you Bruno. Could you please explain what the WebSpeechRecognition "Pause" Procedure is for? The user guide says that it "Stops listening but speechrecognition and mic are still enabled". What would be a sample case to use this Procedure since although the speech rec and mic are enabled, it is not listening. Thank You

It is pausing command detection while the mic is still enabled and the browser speech recognition engine is still running. When starting after pause, it will typically react faster than starting after stop.

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