Automatically open included scripts in Scripter IDE

In Scripter I tend to outsource parts of my script (like standard functions which I use in different scripts).
Therefore I created some units which I include by uses within the main script.
As long as I execute the script regularly (independend of the Scripter IDE) this works well.
But in order to execute it within Scripter IDE I have to manually open all included Units.

How can I change that behavior?

Problem while executing (srcFiles not opened manually):

If I open the 3 included files manually before execution, it works:

That's by design, all files in a project in TMS Scripter IDE are added to the scripter component, thus they are known as libraries.

One thing you can do is preconfigure the LibOptions property, to point to some directories where you have your common libraries. This topic in documentation explains how scripter "discovers" the script-based libraries and what properties you need to configure to make it find those libraries: