automatic Making Net Diagram


I am looking for tool which create automatically diagram.

there are two tables as source.

First table contain only set of states. For example

State New

State Preparing

State Ready

State Ended

Second table contain changes of state. For example

New -> Preparing

New -> Ready

Preparing -> Ready

Ready -> New

I need tool which generate automatically by these tables Net diagram.

In this example diagram with 4 elements (New, Preparing, Ready, Ended) and 4 arrows displaying possible changes of state.

Is TMS Diagram Studio usable for that problem?

I have no idea what kind of diagram you need.

Is this a diagram with boxes and arrows between these boxes?
If so , you should be able to do this with TMS Diagram Studio. It cannot directly be hooked up to a dataset but you can programmatically add objects & connections in TMS Diagram Studio.

Yes, boxes and arrows between these boxes.

So I can easily generate diagram with TSM Diagram studio. I can add objects in it. Set their position (x and Y axis) ant it will generate visually boxes on these position in diagram. And then set connection between these objects and it will draw automatically arrows between these boxes.

Is it correct? It would be nice to find some demo, examle or something like that.

There is a demo named "getting links" that provides good info about dealing with diagram programatically. But what you want to achieve is a very simple operation in Diagram Studio. Have you checked the manual and reference? It's just a matter of creating TDiagramBlock and TDiagramLine classes and setting some properties. If you are getting trouble after start trying out let me know.