Auto web login from Subscription Manager


1. Can I suggest that when logging in via TMS Subscription Manager and clicking on links
that take you to the TMS website;  that you are AUTOMATICALLY signed in to your own account.

2. (not related to above - AdvStringGrid Excel Spreadsheet data into string grid)

Is it possible to have a new demo for Advstringgrid that shows an "ole drag and drop" example of an excel spreadsheet that takes data from the spreadsheet and copies it into the string grid.
e.g. whole excel columns, rows copied to string grid etc.




  1. Sorry, for security reasons that is not possible right now. Please note that if you sign-in once with a webbrowser, your credentials are persisted and it will no longer require a new login.

    2. All that is needed to set on a default grid is:

      advstringgrid1.Options := advstringgrid1.Options + [goEditing];
      advstringgrid1.DragDropSettings.OleDropTarget := true;

    and you can OLE drag & drop from Excel to TAdvStringGrid.